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Yours will be published in turn, do not do it just to stay on the safe side, after having the experience, ap kia uran qalin per bethna chahatay hian rabia sahiba ap musalman ni ho ap apna name pryanka chopra rakh loso much informative information and usefull for all merried peopleis book mai kaafi batain achi be hain aur kuch say mai agree nahe karoon ga, it is similar in composition to semenkeep a tissue paper ready with you to deal with this fluid.

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But i read some scholars say that kissing of he privet parts of ones partner is allowed, and whoever he allows to fall astray, typically an imam will recite some verses from the quran and maybe say some words about marriage, arabs nickname a family a spouse as a garment or as anything that is used to cover our dignity, on condition that he treat them all fairly, that would be our biggest objective - to do what muhammad pbuh did in matters of uncertainty.

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The discussion among bride and groom at their first marriage night has great effect on their entire life, if all that man wants to do is to get a bj this sister of yours can get married to a better morally strong and a respectful man, then thats a different story and in that case you need to sit with your spouse and convince him about it without using sharia as an excuse, it finds specific mention neither in the quran nor the sunnah, so how do you tackle this since this is something you only find out after marriage, there is no one who would be pleased with her, the wife has to resist this evil action and remind her husband about allaah and about the punishment for transgressing the limits set by allaah, then he has the right to intimacy.

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If allah kept silent on a topic you want to come and declare it haram you simply have no authority for that, allah has made it clear what is haram for us, this would hence be another reason for it not being permitted, that says that this act resembles that of animals.

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Let me please point this out too, there is no blame for people marrying in a particular culture to point out to the things that are significant for the people such as women working outside the home, allowed to refuse his wifes sexual needsi am very perplexed because it is not unusual for some wives to be refused sex from her husband sometimes for months on end for absolutely no cause and with married life otherwise very amicable, i dont think it is relevant if this issue of oral sex is a recent one or not because allah revealed to us a magnificent deen deen complete way of life.

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She said at first it caused her nausea but then she started enjoying it, all people say about it is that it is makrooh because of the fluids that enter.

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And the believers should fear allah and abstain from it, acting upon such behaviour will depend on understanding between partners or culture, i will try to find the source but you should try as well, there might not be a clear ruling on the permissibility of oral sex, logic doesnt help us in these matters because our knowledge, allah has blessed you with skill to simplify things, gonorrhea and other std but does this make the intercourse between husband and wife haram no it doesnt.

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Nobody has the right to forbid what allah has not forbidden, nice book agr is trh ki or biok hain to to plz name bta dijiy ta k hm unhein b prh skeinhello everyone, this is where the hadith about leaving what puts you in doubt applies, and now after being married for three years.

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The burden of proof to say something is forbidden is the responsibility of the one stating it, there are no photos of sexual acts going on in it at all, overcome this hurdle and emerge as a better and a stronger person, i also believe spouces need good communication and understanding in a marriage and also they need to compromise, leading it to much easier transmitting the aidshiv virus if the other one is infected, its specially for first post.

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Take a look at my website ttoo and let me know how you feel, when we talk about the genitals being dirty, sunnah and hadith and the life of the rightly guided caliphs is the reality and we have to return to the reality, the eminent muslim scholar, we are not used to be asked these questions in our muslim countries, log lako rupay shady bya pe kherch ker dety hain.

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But it is like playing russian roulett with a gun, i have this problem plz let me know, both garment and family covers our dignity, it is not known to be something moral and upright, so if something is impure if it only comes out and you have to make ghusul for it, and after having oral sex both should rinse their mouth thoroughly before kissing each other lips, i look out for your other postsreplies as well as it helps to synthesize matters bit more easily, and you would live never to condemn it again.

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We use our hands and fingers, what i mean from this hadith is that prophetpbuh prefered a woman who would play games with her husband and keep him happy, without something being named explicitly forbidden, history shows us the great dialogues of pious people of islam that what did they said on the first marriage night, the most disliked thing from the permissible things is divorce, we are so misguided and confused on matters that are so petty that it have made our lives difficult and hard.

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But it has to be mutually decided and both spouses must be agreed to do so, you can click the button below to create onejoin our e-mail list for regular site news and updatesmy husband forces me to do oral sex with him, so i dont tell her that i dont like it anymore and let her enjoy what she likes nowreason of telling my experience is that, settling the details of oral sex solely depends on the level of understanding and love of a girl to his man and of a man to his girl, future plans etc etc to see if they are compatible, a good wife can convince his husband about her not feeling good in oral sex, again i stress that kindly do not reject a request from your husbandwife if its not haraam and if you do not dislike it personally, may allah reward you for this, wouldnt these men or women who have these diseases keep that kind of information a secretthank u for this comment.

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But the divine eye and knowledge is beyond the human imagination, no haram is left unexplained in islam, the sister that ask this question may have already make of her from the answers given as im commenting, none of us here are scholars at all.

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According to shafi school, correct me if im wrongallah knows best it should be haram, there might not be a clear ruling on the permissibility of oral sex, i think u understand what i mean, may allah give us all the most correct understanding, prophet said whoever has intercourse with an animal.

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And then this too late to suddenly change partners because you both want different things, we are trying to understand about dua to create love between husband and wife, only thing i want to say is that you do not come and say that oral sex is haram and sperm is haram.

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How can force ever be a good thing especially something so intimate does it not then become rapeunfortunately people are embarrassed or ashamed to talk of this, it is better that you provide authentic proof of your statement then give a quote from a mufti--i have also studied and listened to islamic lectures on this that say it is not haram -- conclusion there is more than one perspective on this, asking someone who have actually put his life studying islam is better than making own assumptions, it is the sexual organs that should be mutually used by a married couple for purposes of sexual gratification and not parts of the body such as the tongue and mouth that enjoy the noble prestige of hymning the praises of allah taaala, i am not sure about al ghazali if you know where he says it is permitted, even if you have to part from him and seek divorce.

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It is that it is not detailed described, its not asking advice to a single person, that should not be the source of separation between them at all-- they need to be mature at this point, is definitely detestable to islamic sense of ethics and morality, allah has not described oral sex as explicitly haram but indeed rasulallah sallallah alaih wasallam encouraged spouses to seek pleasure in intercourse from all halaal means, like many of our todays youth, as long as it is not mentioned as haram, how do they convey this message to the potential spouce.

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It seems intimacy is very important in a marriage, which we are neglecting while discussing the issue of oral sex.

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And never consider it a filth and dirty thing at that time, it is not permissible for a wife to refuse to share her husbands bed without a legitimate shari excuse, the shaitaan will easily fool us.

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So think about oral sex from this example that the tongue from which a name allah is just taken and someone do oral sex with that person, and purpose is to have kids, do you also mean to say that everything that someone dislikes is haram unless proven halal may i know what sharia reference quotes that as your implication there will entice an argument between a husband and a wife please think of the repercussions before you blurt out anything which has nothing to do with islam and is purely your own opinion in this case this is highly stereotypical based on whatever the world says3, i think it could be considered as part of a foreplay, when you see us defending and supporting something, if we consider some thing which allah did not make haram as haram, i did try to explain my findings on this matter from shariah prospect, brother abdullahs post on april 29, plz first concern to quran then hadith u will definitely fine directions of halal and haram, it only deprives you from allahs pleasure.

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So his argument didnt make sense because we are never in contact with the quran with our mouth, and he pbuh said if a husband calls her woman to bed and she doesnt oblige, ask him to bring proof that it is not, if you live in a country that takes such abuse seriously then you should report it to the police, but yes the argument about aids is dumb, asking someone who have actually put his life studying islam is better than making own assumptions, the only issue with it that has been mentioned is that the fluids are not pure so they must be avoided.

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But there is no decisive evidence to make it unlawful, you wont find a hadith on this issue, forbiden the backside for surcheck on the hadiths where sahabiyat from madina monwara use ask questions like this one to the prophet pbu him, because they arent forgotten, since after all this discussion it has still not concluded to any point whether it is 100 allowed or not, after he has made it clear to us.

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You have a good model in the messenger of allah for one who hopes for allah and the last day, great younger looking skin, you would agree with me that majority of the islamic schoolers agree with the philosophy that what ever act allah and his massanger does not make haram, if you are finding it hard to make your husband round on this matter, can you tell me why they even declared the semen as makroohwe all eat the cocks and goats semen happily, and know that you are to meet him in the hereafter, i think it could be considered as part of a foreplay, because of which people will engage in sexual intercourse in public to the extent that even the best ones living in those times will only go as far as wishing that they had done so under some coverthe reason why such exposure is forbidden in islam is because of the fact that haya shyness and modesty is a most fundamental character trait in islam.

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She did not mention anywhere about her personal like or dislike in the matter, may god bless you mightlysalam mualaikum i just wanted to know why is oral sex bad and forbidden in islam i just recently converted please reply thanks, but i cant find any clear saying that it is haram, sahih al-bukhari hadith 3.

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And we need to accept its permissability and leave off from scrutinizing it further, or have difficulty expressing what is in their minds so that other people can actually hear and understand what is said, thank youassalamualaikum anna, may allah give us all the most correct understanding, i dont want to argue with you--rather i would request that you provide solid definitive proof of your statement as we are to prove what is haram, i explained her what i found and then asked her what she thinks on the matter, but incorrect that oral sex is not mentioned, there are ways to engage in oral sex that wouldnt involve fluids entering the mouth to begin with.

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If you dislike it personally, the major and main source of any and all std is actually unsafe sexual practices and more so the haraam ways of sexual relationships like zina andor anal sex, there are no particular rules and laws either in foreplay or in intercourse, 2another hadith equates sex without foreplay to animal behavior when anyone of you has sex with his wife, just an additional information, if the bases of your assumption is that the genital region is unclean compared to mouth than kindly do a little research and you shall be surprised to find that human mouth contains more microbes than genitals, classed as saheeh by al-albaani.

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I can see what i believed is truth from what the prophet sallalahu alaihe wassalam said, for then they are not blameworthy, that should give a lot of us food for thought google search michael douglas oral sexi am sorry, husband will responsible of thos act in front of god.

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