On May 27th I got the chance to attend the Purina® Walk for Dog Guides for Blake Greene. This past December Blake and his family were blessed with Armani, a graduate from the Autism Assistance Dog Guide program at the Lions Foundation of Canada. Armani was chosen for Blake after a long process to help develop independence, ensure his safety, and give him the extra push he may need in various social settings. Blake’s mother Tara had to leave the province to attend training in order to learn how to handle Armani.  When I was at the walk I got the chance to speak with Blake and his family, after talking to them I learned what a difference Armani has made in Blake’s life. Dog Guides of Canada made this life changing dog possible for Blake. Dog Guides of Canada provide guide dogs to families with members who have various disabilities at no cost; these dogs normally cost approximately 20,000.  To find more information on the Purina® Walk for Dog Guides or Dog Guides of Canada visit http://www.dogguides.com/index.html

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3 Responses to Purina® Walk for Dog Guides for Blake Greene

  1. Breanna Careen says:

    Excellent cause! So great to see that you continue to be involved in whatever you can wherever you can, so proud Hayleigh!

  2. Janice says:

    Great job once again Hayleigh..wonderful to see how involved you are not only in your community but in other events that have meaning to you…keep up the great work!!

  3. Tara Greene says:

    Thank You Hayleigh for taking the time to attend the first walk for dog guides in Placentia. It was very nice talking with you and I hope your interest in children continues! Your a very sweet girl and We wish you much luck in your future. will be watching in July!!!

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