I much like everyone else have become addicted to the latest internet crase Pinterest! You can find just about anything on pinterest recipies, beauty tips, DIY(do it yourself)
and even breathtaking places to visit. My favorite thing to “pin” is definitely the hair make-up and clothes tips! This site allows you to repin things other “pinners” have on their boards and even give you step by step directions on how to get the same look.
One of my favourite nail tips I’ve found has to be  using a straw to create a pattern on your nails.
– First you  paint your nails (white)
-After the white nail polish dries, dip the end of a straw into a different colour of polish 
– Then you dab the straw onto your nail
-Repeat with different colors untill you get the desired look

I have found another nail tip that i found really helpfull when trying to create a tip on your nail; you use a paper re-enforcement on your nails and then paint the tip.

Other then nail tips I have found some very helpful hair tips! Being someone who is    challenged while trying to do her hair Pintrest has given me alot of new tricks for styling my hair! A favorite of mine has to be the simple beach waves. In order for this look to be executed you can

1.twist your hair, then straighten over the twist until you get the desired look or                  

2. create your own beach spray; look to the picture for the recipe
Another thing I love about pinterest is that it can give ideas for amzing outfits, some things i would have never even have paried together, but when I see it I
think its perfect! I even have some inspiration for school shopping!

But besides all the beauty secrets I have to say that the best part of Pinterest is the DIY’s, me and my bestfriend have even added a few to our Summer Bucket List. One of our projects, using a piece of driftwood as a jewlery hangger. You simply pic out a few doorknobs (probably beautiful unique ones) then attach them to the piece of wood. Ta da  your jewellery holder is ready to go! Simple and beautiful what could be better?!

If anyone is interested in finding their own interesting, unique, and clever tips/tricks join Pinterest and follow me 🙂

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  As many of you know I am fundraising for Free The Children Charity.  This charity is a non-profit organization that “believes in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.”  I strongly believe in this charity and hope sometime in the future I can travel with this group to help others.  I was researching Free The Children today and I found out that there are many different ways for people to help with this charity other than the just a usual fundraising, you can travel with the group as I mentioned earlier to build schools and water wells. I advise everyone do some research on this charity and help the best way you can.
I have had a princess tea party to raise funds for the charity; at the tea party me and my friends decorated crowns, made bracelets and played games with the “princesses”. This idea turned out to be a huge success for me and helped me raise a lot of money. As well as a tea party I had a bake sale at my school, where me and again a few of my friends (I have the BEST friends in the world) sold a variety of sweets to teachers and students.













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The Janeway Children’s Health & Rehabilitation Centre provides the best in specialized This year,  I was honored to represent my school at the 28th Annual Janeway Telethon and to present the children’s hospital with a cheque for $800.00.  I felt so happy when I was able to make this donation on behalf of my school because I know how every donation will help to improve the treatment and care provided to sick children in my province.  We are so lucky to be in good health, but when we don’t, we are so fortunate to have such a wonderful hospital to care for us.  This year the Janeway Telethon raised a total of 2.5 million dollars, the highest amount ever raised!  Wow, this year’s telethon Rocked! health care available in Newfoundland and Labrador in a compassionate, encouraging environment for sick and injured children. Each child cared for at the Janeway is an inspiration because of their courage and determination to get better.
It is the sick children’s desire to get well that drives the staff to achieve the best possible outcome for each of these children.  The Janeway is always exploring and researching new treatments and the latest health care available.  With donations from people like us and events such as the Janeway telethon, all this is possible.  As a result, the best medical treatment is available at the Janeway!

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On May 27th I got the chance to attend the Purina® Walk for Dog Guides for Blake Greene. This past December Blake and his family were blessed with Armani, a graduate from the Autism Assistance Dog Guide program at the Lions Foundation of Canada. Armani was chosen for Blake after a long process to help develop independence, ensure his safety, and give him the extra push he may need in various social settings. Blake’s mother Tara had to leave the province to attend training in order to learn how to handle Armani.  When I was at the walk I got the chance to speak with Blake and his family, after talking to them I learned what a difference Armani has made in Blake’s life. Dog Guides of Canada made this life changing dog possible for Blake. Dog Guides of Canada provide guide dogs to families with members who have various disabilities at no cost; these dogs normally cost approximately 20,000.  To find more information on the Purina® Walk for Dog Guides or Dog Guides of Canada visit http://www.dogguides.com/index.html

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I was fortunate enough to make an appearance at the Mt. Carmel Dinner Theatre, the dinner theater has been running as a local fundraising event that has gone off three times and has always been a huge success. The funds raised at this event are all given to Parish, volunteer fire department and 50+ Club.

The night kicked off with a Roast Beef Diner and all of the performance’s and entertainment were all done by members of the local community, as well as the meal preparation. It is with such strong relations and a desire to uphold the deep seated Newfoundland traditions that our rural cultures survive.
The area residents who attended the event where delighted to have me in attendance and they were also very pleased knowing I have a such a strong connection to my heritage and plan to represent Newfoundland and Labrador and hold true to my culture and roots.

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Opening ceremonies



The Cape Shore Radio is a radio broadcast developed by and for the communities on the Cape Shore.  This was the fourth broadcast of the Cape Shore Radio and I’m proud to say that I have been a part of three. The Cape Shore Radio was broadcast from three different locations on the Cape Shore from Fatima Academy in St. Brides,Three Sisters Pub and Restaurant in Placentia and my hometown Branch at our local Community Centre.  At the Cape Shore Radio we broadcast all types of music from traditional Newfoundland Music to Modern Pop and Rock.  Different members of our communities and school hosted shows, performed songs, recitations and you can even listen to shows about local news, horoscopes, and history of the Cape Shore.  This initiative brought together the rural communities in my area, encouraging unity and celebrating our heritage. I hosted several shows, interviewed some people and even sang some songs and played my guitar.  I enjoyed being a part of the Cape Shore Radio and hope to continue this tradition and be a part of it next year.

Interview with local youth









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Hi, my name is Hayleigh McGrath and I am from Branch, St .Mary’s Bay Newfoundland and Labrador.  I am 15 years old, and a grade ten honours student at Fatima Academy with an overall average of 86%. My school ranges from kindergarten to grade twelve, with a total of 87 students.  I am currently vice president of our school council, a member of our schools dance group,Fatima Academy Accordion Group and an avid volunteer.
One of my favorite things to do is entertain. Since I was baby my family knew I would be a singer. As my mother would rock me to sleep I would hum very loudly until I would finally doze off. My Grams would say ” that girl will be a star!”  When I was nine years old I started singing in public events ;but only after a few concerts I had an incident. I was ready to perform at one of our local concerts, and when the curtains opened there was technical difficulties with my music. I waited on stage for what seemed like an eternity, all eyes were on me. Finally when my music started I was too nervous to sing, in my rush to exit the stage I knocked over the microphone and fell off the stage. This experience made me shake upon the mere mention of singing again, but with the encouragement of my family and friends I was back on stage in no time!
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I couldn’t be more proud representing a rural fishing community, with only 247 residents.  We may not have  the benefits of cell phone service or high speed internet, but what we lack in modern technology we make up for in our kinship.  Branch is a special community like no other, we have a connection with our Irish heritage that is evident in our daily lives.
Every day there are numerous opportunities to partake in.  My Community Life and my involvement have shaped my personality greatly.  I enjoy every minute of it, from serving meals at the community kitchen, to leading a meeting of our youth advisory or singing an old song for a senior.  These experiences have shaped me into who I am and I am thrilled to get to share my experiences with you all.

Boats in the harbour.

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