As many of you know I am fundraising for Free The Children Charity.  This charity is a non-profit organization that “believes in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.”  I strongly believe in this charity and hope sometime in the future I can travel with this group to help others.  I was researching Free The Children today and I found out that there are many different ways for people to help with this charity other than the just a usual fundraising, you can travel with the group as I mentioned earlier to build schools and water wells. I advise everyone do some research on this charity and help the best way you can.
I have had a princess tea party to raise funds for the charity; at the tea party me and my friends decorated crowns, made bracelets and played games with the “princesses”. This idea turned out to be a huge success for me and helped me raise a lot of money. As well as a tea party I had a bake sale at my school, where me and again a few of my friends (I have the BEST friends in the world) sold a variety of sweets to teachers and students.













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  1. Tim Smith says:

    What a great charity! So nice to see such a wonderful young woman promoting such a terriffic cause. You will represent Newfoundland proudly and I hope to see you the future Miss Teen Canada World 2012!

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