Hey everyone! As I mentioned before we have different assignments which we have to complete with our blogs this is my second assignment. For this assignment we have been asked to create our Dream TV Show.  In this blog I will tell you about my TV show, its genre, network, co-stars and of course my sponsors.

What is my Dream TV Show?

My Dream TV Show is going to be called Ella’s Brook. It will take place in a little town in Newfoundland called Windsor Woods with a population of about 1000 people.  The show will be about a beautiful 16 year old girl named Ella Brown.  As a baby, Ella was kidnapped by Fairies and raised by them in the woods.


The town of Windsor Woods reels in devastation after the inexplicable loss of such an innocent young child. Many theories arise as to what could have happened, and as the years pass and fact fades slowly into legend, the once silly notion put forth by the old folk that she was whisked away by the fairies becomes almost believable. Surely, what other explanation could there be? What comfort could be had when such a tragedy befalls?

To honour the memory of the beautiful baby girl who vanished in the misty night, the townspeople rename a nearby brook in her honour, Ella’s Brook.

Meanwhile, young Ella is raised among the fairies deep in the woods. Theirs is a world of great magic and wonder, and the whole fairy family love and care for Ella dearly. Under their care, and with a little fairy magic, Ella grows into a fine young lady with special powers. Naturally creative, she proves herself to be a master flower painter and impresses even the oldest, most talented in the fairy village.

Having no memory of her human life, and having never encountered another human, interesting things happen when she encounters another human, a handsome boy of 16.  The majority of the storyline will centre around the new and exciting relationship between Jamie and Ella, as well as the reaction of her fairy family to Ella’s new friend.  It will also cut to Windsor Woods and to Ella’s human family, and we will see how they have fared with such a void since the fairies carried Ella away.


Ella – Hayleigh McGrath

Jamie – Luke Bilyk

Fairy Family – Computer Generated. Voice Actors yet to be decided

Human Mother – Krisitin Davis

Human Father- John Stamos

Theme Song

Eyes Open- Taylor Swift  


The sponsors for Ella’s Brook will be Mac Cosmetics and Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television.

Mac Cosmetics has signed on as the exclusive cosmetics sponsor. Mac commits to using organic materials and is the leading cosmetic choice for the target population.

Both leading roles are being played by Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television actors. While Hayleigh is a new student at the Academy, Luke is a seasoned actor that hails from the school.

Ella’s Brook is set in rural Newfoundland town and the people from Newfoundland  have a distinct accent which has an ear of an Irish twist. Actors will need to master this to increase Ella’s Brook’s realism and reliability. The production will also use local actor and the academy will work to discover and develop the raw talent the Newfoundland has to offer.



Broadcasting the latest rave TV show such as Gossip Girl, Heart of Dixie, and Vampire Diaries, the CW Network is sure to make Ella’s Brook the next big thing in teen television! 




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  1. Breanna Careen says:

    Seems like a very interesting show! You sure are creative Hayleigh 🙂

  2. Judith Morrissey says:

    O My Gosh! I can’t wait 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Margaret Morrissey says:

    So happy for your Hayleigh!

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