I much like everyone else have become addicted to the latest internet crase Pinterest! You can find just about anything on pinterest recipies, beauty tips, DIY(do it yourself)
and even breathtaking places to visit. My favorite thing to “pin” is definitely the hair make-up and clothes tips! This site allows you to repin things other “pinners” have on their boards and even give you step by step directions on how to get the same look.
One of my favourite nail tips I’ve found has to be  using a straw to create a pattern on your nails.
– First you  paint your nails (white)
-After the white nail polish dries, dip the end of a straw into a different colour of polish 
– Then you dab the straw onto your nail
-Repeat with different colors untill you get the desired look

I have found another nail tip that i found really helpfull when trying to create a tip on your nail; you use a paper re-enforcement on your nails and then paint the tip.

Other then nail tips I have found some very helpful hair tips! Being someone who is    challenged while trying to do her hair Pintrest has given me alot of new tricks for styling my hair! A favorite of mine has to be the simple beach waves. In order for this look to be executed you can

1.twist your hair, then straighten over the twist until you get the desired look or                  

2. create your own beach spray; look to the picture for the recipe
Another thing I love about pinterest is that it can give ideas for amzing outfits, some things i would have never even have paried together, but when I see it I
think its perfect! I even have some inspiration for school shopping!

But besides all the beauty secrets I have to say that the best part of Pinterest is the DIY’s, me and my bestfriend have even added a few to our Summer Bucket List. One of our projects, using a piece of driftwood as a jewlery hangger. You simply pic out a few doorknobs (probably beautiful unique ones) then attach them to the piece of wood. Ta da  your jewellery holder is ready to go! Simple and beautiful what could be better?!

If anyone is interested in finding their own interesting, unique, and clever tips/tricks join Pinterest and follow me 🙂

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