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Dr ArcherMentor Night in Toronto July 15th 2012.
After a very important day of photo shoots, video shoots, and interviews with judges we got to hear life tips and inspirational stories first hand from some amazing women.

Dr. Natalie Archer
is a dynamic Toronto dentist who began her dental career in 2001 Natalie is am inperational woman who had to work for the respect shes earned. Natalie has managed to have a career and a family while building a career as a hospital dentist.  She amazingly enough was one of the youngest dentists to serve on the Board of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario in 2006, this accomplishment wasn’t enough for her so she became the Vice President of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. This only proves how truly determined and hard-working Natalie truly is. Without qualities like this Natalie might not have achieved such success with her career; mainly what I took away from Natalie’s speech was to always strive to learn more everyday because no one can take away your education and also to prepare for the difficult choices in life because they are around every corner waiting for you.

Melani ChongMelani Chong has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for over 15 years, Canadian Ford Model and mom of two children, Melani Chong developed a personalized skin care line called Soya B after she had gone back to school to become a chemist. Melani told us that when she was in hight school she was the athlete so when her father mentioned a model search at the mall she quickly said no. So her father played a little trick on her my saying lets go to the mall and you can shopping but in reality he had something else planed. When they arrived at the mall her father lead her to the model search and persuaded her to try, after giving in Melani got a call two weeks later saying she was a finalist she then got singed with ford; her life was changed forever.  She found her self contracts all over the world and working for top designer and brands such as mac cosmetics, and Gucci. But this wasn’t all Melani was men’t to be she strived for more and because of her love of fashion she worked as a stylist. With her new aspirations as a stylist she worked with top photographers, fashion shows and designers ,but still Melani wanted more. After some thought Melani decided to go back to school to become a chemist, with the hopes of creating an organic skin care line. Some of the key points from Melani’s speech was the quote “wisest is he who dose not know”! She told us that we can use education to beifit ourselves in the future and to help us achieve our dreams.

katrina haddenKatrina Hadden is a health and wellness specialist, size 12 model, life coach, motivational speaker and the author of the best-selling self-help book, Making It In High Heels.
Katrina was frustrated after going to numerous auditions with no results, she is a size 12 model but this is to small to be a plus size model and to large to be a petite model.
Katrina spoke to us about how the modelling industry made her self-conscious about her body,and eventually this made her develop an eating disorder. Katrina wanted to get her negative body image back in order. So she began to work closely with nutrition and fitness experts this helped her to get her self image back to a positive thing.  Now Katrina uses here all her knowledge about food and working out to maintain heath and to help others achieve fitness goals. Katrina Hadden Life Coaching for Athletes has been a life coach for over eight years, specializing in Stress Management, Personal Development, Work-Life Balance and Health and Wellness. Katrina brought a bright energy to the room that could not be ignored and this is what booked her her first job. She asked the casting crew why she was chosen out of the many other girls and they told her because of her energy. Katrina has brought light to my eyes of new size category  in the modelling industry she is truly a inspiration to all.


Alexandra Orlanmdo, Olympic athleteAlexandra Orlando

Alexandra Orlando is a highly decorated world-class Rhythmic Gymnast. Her wisdom can be found inside the pages of an award winning book called In Pursuit of Victory.
Alexandra has just published her second motivational book, Breaking Through My Limits: An Olympian UncoveredAlexandra eat, slept, and breathed gymnastics right up until her Olympic audition. Alexandra was always the athletic girl but when she missed her shot at the 2003 Olympics by 1/10th of a point. She was absolutely crushed, she spiralled into a depression and wanted to talk no one. When her family finally broke throw the barrier she had put up Alex was asked why she really loved gymnastics and the answer wasn’t because of the Olympics opportunities it was because of the journey to get there. Alexandra chose to go back and what a great decision that was because she qualified for the Olympics in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.  Alexandra has truly brought a new standard of success for female Olympians in Canada and is someone all athletes should aspire to be like.


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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine

We have been asked by this amazing company called S-Trip to blog about our dream vacation in the hopes of winning “Social Media Queen” and along with the title comes a dream trip! I personally have not had the opportunity to travel much, but it is something I truly believe in. The number one thing on my bucket list is to travel the world; I want to see and experience the world with the people that I care about while they are still here to do so.   After researching this business  I have found a specific program called EDGE Academy;  this program allows students over the age of 15 travel to stunning, exotic, and ancient places with other teenagers while learning the whole time. This has really spiked my interest and I have passed the information along to all my friends.

The place I would like to start all my travels would have to be Costa Rica, The Rich Coast! Lush rain forests,  tranquil beaches, and astonishing culture who wouldn’t want to set off? Not only dose Costa Rica have beautiful nature to enjoy, it is sunny 12 hours a day year round; who couldn’t use a bit of sun on a cold winter day in Canada? You can witness breathtaking waterfalls that lead to the Caribbean or Pacific Ocean or maybe you want to climb up right to the top of dormant volcanoes;  I want to do it all!

My journey would start in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. In San Jose I could visit  The National Museum of Costa Rica, but I would also want the opportunity to explore the capital city itself.  The National Museum contains many different exhibits that will help me learn more about Costa Rica and its culture. The exhibit that I’m most interested in is the Anthropology & Archaeology exhibit. Within this exhibit you can find out about the local animals, birds, plants and much more.
I also want to have some adventure in this vacation, white-water rafting looks like a great way to get this in!  Pacuare River serves the perfect destination for this thrilling experience!
Another experience I want to have while in Costa Rica is surfing lessons! I always wanted to be able to paddle out in to the crystal clear waters , jump up on my surf board and ride back in to shore on huge swell. Personally I feel me and my friends would absolutely LOVE all these experiences Costa Rica has to offer and maybe someday we will 🙂

S-Trip! takes student travellers on unforgettable adventures around the world. Celebrate the exciting conclusion of high school in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica or Bahamas with all your friends on Grad Trip. Spend a weekend skiing or snowboarding at one of Canada’s premier mountain resorts on Ski Trip. Experience culture, sightseeing and events in Montreal or Quebec City on Busaway. Make a difference in an underdeveloped country on an impactful student Volunteer Trip. Explore the culture and history of Europe on Euro Adventure. For more information visit www.s-trip.com.

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Hey everyone! As I mentioned before we have different assignments which we have to complete with our blogs this is my second assignment. For this assignment we have been asked to create our Dream TV Show.  In this blog I will tell you about my TV show, its genre, network, co-stars and of course my sponsors.

What is my Dream TV Show?

My Dream TV Show is going to be called Ella’s Brook. It will take place in a little town in Newfoundland called Windsor Woods with a population of about 1000 people.  The show will be about a beautiful 16 year old girl named Ella Brown.  As a baby, Ella was kidnapped by Fairies and raised by them in the woods.


The town of Windsor Woods reels in devastation after the inexplicable loss of such an innocent young child. Many theories arise as to what could have happened, and as the years pass and fact fades slowly into legend, the once silly notion put forth by the old folk that she was whisked away by the fairies becomes almost believable. Surely, what other explanation could there be? What comfort could be had when such a tragedy befalls?

To honour the memory of the beautiful baby girl who vanished in the misty night, the townspeople rename a nearby brook in her honour, Ella’s Brook.

Meanwhile, young Ella is raised among the fairies deep in the woods. Theirs is a world of great magic and wonder, and the whole fairy family love and care for Ella dearly. Under their care, and with a little fairy magic, Ella grows into a fine young lady with special powers. Naturally creative, she proves herself to be a master flower painter and impresses even the oldest, most talented in the fairy village.

Having no memory of her human life, and having never encountered another human, interesting things happen when she encounters another human, a handsome boy of 16.  The majority of the storyline will centre around the new and exciting relationship between Jamie and Ella, as well as the reaction of her fairy family to Ella’s new friend.  It will also cut to Windsor Woods and to Ella’s human family, and we will see how they have fared with such a void since the fairies carried Ella away.


Ella – Hayleigh McGrath

Jamie – Luke Bilyk

Fairy Family – Computer Generated. Voice Actors yet to be decided

Human Mother – Krisitin Davis

Human Father- John Stamos

Theme Song

Eyes Open- Taylor Swift  


The sponsors for Ella’s Brook will be Mac Cosmetics and Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television.

Mac Cosmetics has signed on as the exclusive cosmetics sponsor. Mac commits to using organic materials and is the leading cosmetic choice for the target population.

Both leading roles are being played by Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television actors. While Hayleigh is a new student at the Academy, Luke is a seasoned actor that hails from the school.

Ella’s Brook is set in rural Newfoundland town and the people from Newfoundland  have a distinct accent which has an ear of an Irish twist. Actors will need to master this to increase Ella’s Brook’s realism and reliability. The production will also use local actor and the academy will work to discover and develop the raw talent the Newfoundland has to offer.



Broadcasting the latest rave TV show such as Gossip Girl, Heart of Dixie, and Vampire Diaries, the CW Network is sure to make Ella’s Brook the next big thing in teen television! 




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I have a new found passion for modelling since being chosen as Miss Teen Photogenic in the Miss Teen NL pageant. As part of the prize I was given the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Rostotski Studios. Along with Sara Rostotski, I was very fortunate to work with four other local Newfoundland Photographers whom, in my opinion, are among the top photographers on the Island. I would like to enlighten you by sharing some of my photo shoots with these talented artists.
Rostoski Studios


These particular photos were taken by Sara Rostotski. Rostotski Studio is an internationally awarded portrait photography studio based in Paradise, serving Newfoundland for over fourty years. www.rostotski.com Sara was a delight to work with! She made me feel very proud of myself and her wonderful personality enabled me to have a lot of fun while working with her. I hope you enjoy my photos! For this shoot my hair and make-up was a product of Sound Salon and Spa.  http://soundsalonspa.com/

Ray of Light Photography


I have had pictures taken by Apryl from Ray of Light Photography twice. http://www.rayoflightphotography.ca/  I absolutely loved working with Apryl! She gave me a lot of direction and helped me to envision what modeling entailed. She also provided  me with modelling tips for when I participated in other shoots. I am posting some of my favorite pictures from both shoots. For this shoot, Jessica Burt was my hair and make-up artist.  http://www.facebook.com/jessicanburt

Nate Gates Photography



For my shoot with Nate http://www.nategates.com/#portfolio/people/people , we went to an old, abandoned ski resort in Logy Bay, Newfoundland. It was a very hot day and as a result, mosquitos proved to be a bother. Needless to say, it was a real challenge to do some decent modelling. My dresses were sponsored by a local dress store called, “Twisted Sisters.” It was a lot of fun and it was great to see the different looks that I am capable of achieving. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Twisted-Sisters-boutik/104441604346 Jessica Burt also did my hair and make-up for this photo-shoot. http://www.facebook.com/jessicanburt

Crystal Clear Images



In this photo shoot with Crystal from Crystal Clear Images http://blog.crystalclearimages.ca/?p=1796 ,Crystal and I had planned to do a shoot in Tors Cove, Newfoundland. We also wanted to portray a natural look for this shoot. I think Crystal did a wonderful job capturing the beauty of Newfoundland and I was pleased with my look. One of these photos was even featured in The Newfoundland Herald http://www.nfldherald.com/. There was an amazing cottage at the location known as “The Cribbies” and this is where I shot the great photo of me by the front door with the red trim. For this shoot, I did my own hair and make-up. I hope you enjoy my pictures and the humble, yet beautiful Newfoundland Scenery.

Cousins Photography

The last photo’s I had taken were with Hilda Cousins of Cousins Photography http://cousinsphotography.ca/blog/ . We had an in studio shoot, it was great! I brought a lot of cool outfits to wear and even got to showcase my crown and sash in some of them. Hilda was fantastic! She has a great style and I felt very comfortable in front of her camera. For this shoot, Jessica Burt did my hair and make-up http://www.facebook.com/jessicanburt

I would like to say a special thank you to all of the photographers who have helped me with my portfolio. I thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every one of you. With all of your help, I truly feel that I have put together a great portfolio, displaying various looks. I would highly recommend any of your work from family photos, portraits, weddings, or even just to people who are looking for a fun photo shoot. They can certainly do it all!



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Hello everyone, as a part of our judging in the Miss Teen Canada World Pageant, we have to use a blog and with the blog comes three challenges. One of the blog’s challenges is creating a video of us looking good, doing something good, and feeling good while doing it.  This challenge is sponsored by the Aveda,  Canada’s Best Professional Hair and Beauty School. After thinking about it dawned upon me that my best friends Nan was caring for some orphaned lambs and I decided that I would help her out. When I  called her she was delighted that I wanted to help, and let me come over that day. After I  got dressed up (sporting crown and sash of course). We went up in the meadow with the bottles, and before we could even open the gate the lambs were running to greet us! They were absolutely adorable, I could have stayed there with them all day.  They were very friendly and loved to be with each other, the two lambs ran around the meadow playing with each other the whole time I was there! Here is the link to my video make sure to press the heart to show your support 🙂 http://www.missteencanadablognetwork.com/video/miss-teen-southern-avalon-world-2012-look-good-do-good-feel-good/


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